OWIT is a company that thrives on meeting challenges. We are comfortable participating in the international technology ecosystem and constantly evolving. Thanks to our knowledge, the mastery of technological hybridization, and the power and capacity of our WOTAN platform, we face any challenge maximizing feasibility and minimizing technological risk.

Intelligent Infrastructures

We provide intelligence to infrastructures, both linear (roads, bridges, tunnels, canals...) and ports, airports, hydraulic, energy, etc. We have created everything from roadside driving assistance systems to autonomous control systems for navigation channels, including intruder control along large perimeters.

Extended Reality

We design and execute hybrid interfaces for reading and controlling assets in adverse circumstances: sensoring and control in aggressive industrial environments, potentially dangerous accesses...

Smart Tracking

We create and implement solutions for the geo-tracking and control of mobile or removable assets: fleet and cargo management, wanderer control, inventories, etc.

Industrial IoT

We have successfully implemented different IIoT transformation projects 4.0 and facilitated the digitalization of plants and factories through IoT technology combined with massive data processing and analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning.