Who we are

The expert company in taking advantage of sound and vibration as sources of information. With them, we create and implement innovative and cost-effective solutions to the problems of our customers.

We are innovation catalysts for organizations willing to evolve through its digital transformation.

What do we do?

Using our knowledge and experience with sound and mechanical vibrations, we experiment, learn and innovate. This is how we cultivate our most important asset: knowledge. With it, we address the challenges faced by our clients from a different approach to the market standard, in order to create the most appropriate solutions.

We do not only pat attention to the technological aspects, for our answers to be viable they must also satisfy the following business requirements:

• Being efficient.

• Improving our client’s competitive capacity.

• Increasing our client’s operating margins and/or income.

What are we?

A team of technology, research and business professionals who innovate and take advantage of business opportunities by creating a bridge between the latest emerging technologies and the market.

We understand projects as collaborative processes within the innovation ecosystem. To this end, we establish a deep level of communication and cooperation with our clients.

All this forces us to take a different approach to the conventional one. OWIT is the answer of these professionals to company demand for real innovation and for evolution through digital transformation.

How do we work?

Our work methodology aims to take advantage of all the opportunities, capabilities and benefits provided by the most advanced technology with our in-depth knowledge of AI, Data Science, IoT, Sensor Fusion, Edge Computing... To do so, we maintain a high level of relationship and collaboration within the innovative (mostly European) ecosystem. Thus, we know and have access to technologies and solutions already mature at an experimental level, but not yet present in services or products available on the market.

When addressing a new challenge, we classify the relevant factors and the needs and available capacities. The aim is to find the most efficient solution simultaneously in the technological, operational and economic aspects. We usually base our proposals on sound and mechanical vibrations analysis. But we also apply technological hybridization by combining it with other technologies to generate the required functionalities and features.


To successfully achieve this hybridization, we have been forced to design and create our own tool. WOTAN allows us to incorporate and manage all kinds of data, regardless of their origin (sensors, streaming, databases...), and to apply different algorithms (machine learning, data science...) in real time for their processing. Its agility allows us to validate diverse solutions until we find the optimum ones for each challenge faced, and its power facilitates their subsequent implementation and escalation.

Furthermore, we are hardware and software self-sufficient to complete our projects successfully. We have the knowledge and resources to create any of the tools required, thus:

• We locate the optimal option in the market.

• If it does not exist, we look for the option closest to our requirements in the market and modify and/or adapt it to reach the optimum.

• If this is not possible, we design and manufacture what we exactly need at home.

Reality grounded

Once the problem to be addressed and the appropriate technological solutions have been defined, we assess options with our clients. And, before presenting a proposal, we evaluate the following parameters to maximize its suitability:

• Efficiency.

• Improvement of our client’s competitive capacity.

• Increase in our client's operating margins and/or income.

Thus, the balance between the degree of innovation and profitability is ideal from a business point of view, and we avoid the usual risks in the sector such as hypes or hollow projects (technology and solutions with no real value for the client).

The final result of this process is the multidimensional generation of value for both our client and OWIT.


OWIT's structure is designed to maximize the scope and capacity of the company while maintaining an optimized operation. It brings together a group of professional experts in different areas of technological knowledge, engineering and business. The team works and coordinates under horizontal operational management criteria. Each area of knowledge is led by an expert who has the necessary core competencies and capabilities. In turn, each area is managed vertically in a tiered structure that facilitates its adaptation to the demands of the projects and the needs of the clients by adding or removing resources.